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Scout is an eighteen foot long autonomous robotic boat designed to cross the Atlantic Ocean, relying only on pre-programmed commands and information that it can collect about its environment through sensors. It is built to deal with anything the ocean can throw at it, and its status will be reported live online.
         Our earlier attempt started in Winter of 2010 and launched it in August 2013. We've archived the tracking page for Scout I here.
         Check the Facebook page for the most recent updates!

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SCOUT: The Autonomous Transatlantic Boat

A couple of videos from the last transatlantic attempt:

Awesome launch video (Thanks Richard!)

What is the Scout project?

Interview on

Scout would not be possible without the generous support of Waterman Marine.

Waterman Marine
Waterman Marine is located in Bristol, RI and is run by our very own Brendan Prior, boat repair extraordinaire. Together with his team, Brendan performs all sorts of marine-related services from restoration to engine and electrical repair. The Scout II project likely wouldn't have happened without Brendan's offer to donate a portion of his shop and other resources to the project.
Brendan is always happy to discuss potential projects; he can be contacted at