Dylan Rodriguez

Dylan Rodriguez designed most of the electrical systems for Scout. He is currently excited about discus launch gliders, working on projects, and grilling every night.


Dan Flanigan worked with the team on the composite work, design, and planning. His website is http://daniel-t-flanigan.squarespace.com/

Max Kramers

Max Kramers brought a lot of composites knowledge to the team. He is currently building a foiling kiteboard.

Ryan Muller has been programming since the age of twelve and is familiar with several different programming languages. Ryan will be creating the web app used to track the boat, and programmed autonomous controls and the communications software that enabled Scout to send information to us.

Brendan Prior

Brendan Prior is running Waterman Sailing- https://www.facebook.com/watermansailing. He has grown up sailing, racing, and working on boats. His father, Geoff Prior is a renowned sailboat racer from New Zealand.

Mike Flanigan was a student at Notre Dame. He has been working on projects with the crew forever and provided the optimism necessary for a project as daunting as Scout was.  

David Pimental was a student at Northeastern University. He worked on the navigation software and helped with a lot of the software testing and debug sessions.